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I started my advertising career at ogilvy, Johannesburg in 2001. It was here that i learnt a few things about 360-degree brand stewardship, copywriting and foosball. In 2005, after a brief sojourn, I returned to advertising with the King James Group. In 2007, I joined Black River FC. It is here that I was made Creative Director.

What I love most about advertising is seeing the growth of an idea from birth to maurity. I am deeply proud when I can parent an idea well enough so that nobody molests it, breaks its spirit or corrupts it along the way. I love writing. Like most copywriters, I feel like a novel trapped in a catchy headline.

Here are a few things you wouldn't know about me: I ran away from advertising to become a professional dancer. No poles or laps were involved. I can do the Can-Can with my fingers. If I were not in advertising, I would be a full-time student of Capoeira, the Brazilian Marths Arts. And I dream of one day being made the rightful opponent to Eddy Gordo in the Play Station game called Tekken.